Daníel Þorsteinsson

Daníel Þorsteinsson - piano
Daníel Þorsteinsson – piano

Daníel received his Piano Diploma from the Sigursveinn D. Kristinsson Music College in Reykjavík and continued his studies at the Sweelinck Music Conservatory in Amsterdam. Since graduating in 1993, Daníel has been active on the Icelandic music scene. He frequently performs with singers and chamber groups, and he appears regularly as a soloist as well, both in recital and with orchestra. Together with the cellist Sigurður Halldórsson he has organized two music festivals, the Hindemith / Fauré Festival in 1995, and two years later the Brahms / Schubert Festival. In September of 2000, they performed all of Beethoven’´s Sonatas for piano and cello in the same evening in Reykjavík a feat they repeated later in the Faroe Islands. Daniel has been a pianist with the CAPUT ensemble from the beginning, making recordings for Radio and CDs and touring extensively in Iceland and abroad. He has been living in Akureyri, a town in the North of Iceland, since 1993. There, he was recently nominated Artist of the Year 2000.