Pietro Borradori Camera Obscura

Camera Obsucra

– CDC-52 Fonit Cetra / Ricordi 1990

Pietro Borradori Camera Obscura


Sample of CAPUT’s recording on the cd:
Dialogues Entre Metopes (1987)

The CAPUT-ensemble gave a concert in the Icelandic Opera on January 3rd, 1989. A new piece, “Dialoges Entre Metopes” by the 23 years old Italian composer Pietro Borradori, was on the program – according to our motive: To bring the latest musical news from abroad to Icelandic listeners. And mostly we were looking for good music, not big names. The concert was recorded by the Icelandic Broadcasting Service. About a year later the recording was released by the Italian label Fonit Cetra on the first portrait CD of the composer.

Guðmundur Óli Gunnarsson conducts the ensemble of:

  • Kolbeinn Bjarnason, flute
  • Guðni Franzson, clarinet
  • Eggert Pálsson, vibraphon
  • Gerður Gunnarsdóttir, violin
  • Bryndís Halla Gylfadóttir, cello.

Tonmeister: Bjarni Rúnar Bjarnason